About Us

Kevin Zylstra and Rose Post Two Lions Winery started out in 2009. It began with the desire to make great tasting wine. Rose, the owner, began trying her hand at making fruit wine; pineapple, apple, mango, berry and other various fruit blends. Unfortunately they turned out to be a disappointment. She stopped trying to make fruit wine but refused to give up the idea of making wine. She decided to make real wine from grapes and contacted Ed, the owner of Horse Creek Muscadine Vineyard turned Winery. She asked if she could talk to the vintner about the process and technique of making his Muscadine wine and he agreed. She spent almost the whole day with the vintner gathering a wealth of information. Before leaving, the vintner gave her step by step directions and Ed sold her 400 pounds of pressed white muscadine juice and 800 pounds of cut red muscadines.

When Rose got back home, she was ecstatic. She immediately put her information to work and produced an awesome white muscadine wine as well as an aromatic, flavorful red Muscadine wine. She entered the white wine in the Florida fairgrounds wine tasting event and won a bronze medal. Florida is known for its Muscadine grapes and the fruit wines local vintners produce, but Rose wanted to offer other varietals like: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Grigio. Rose contacted several vineyards and most of them only sold 250 gallons of whole grapes. Rose persevered and was able to get small batch shipments of grapes. While the first few batches of wine didn't turn out very good, she tried again and varied the technique. And finally, the wines turned out great and that was the start of Two Lions Winery.

Palm Harbor Brewery began with Roses desire to try her hand at making beer. Again, the first batch didn't turn out very well. Rose changed the recipe, tried again and her Double IPA turned out great. She tried two other beers and gave out samples and they were a success. That was the start of Palm Harbor Brewery.